Friday, July 26, 2013

a list.

There has only been one word to describe this summer, and that word is BUSY. And the days seem to be flying by. In no particular order... here's what I've been up to.
  • I cut off about 75% of my hair. And I love it.
  • Went camping at Nopoming with Chris and my pal, Holly.
  • Went out on the Red River in my inlaw's new boat (and got to drive it!)
  • Got a few Provincial Park passport stamps with Chris.
  • In the last 9 days, I've been to 2 movies and nine shows at the Winnipeg Fringe Fest. We'll be attending five more this weekend. I absolutely LOVE Fringe Fest here. It's the highlight of the summer for me (and Chris too!) Growing up, I had the privilege of going to a lot more theatre than the average kid, and I miss that part of my life... and have been supplementing that by OD'ing on awesome stuff from all over the globe in July.
  • I've been moseying my way through George R.R. Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice... and surprisingly I love it. LOVE it. I do not, generally, like fantasy. I could not make it through Lord of the Rings, and my only forays after that were for Harry Potter and His Dark Materials. But after I made it through the Prologue in the first book (and it was tough...), I started to fly with it. I also just rented the first season of Game of Thrones, and Peter Dinklage is basically kicking some ass.
  • Finally watched all available episodes of The Walking Dead... and re-watched Trailer Park Boys. And the new Arrested Development. And Top of the Lake. And Mad Men. And now, in addition to watching Game of Thrones, we're keeping up with the final season of Dexter and the new season of The Killing. Why is everything on TV so good? There is simply not enough time! GAH and Breaking Bad is finishing up soon!
  •  I've accepted a spot in the online MLIS program at the University of Alberta. And I start in September. I am excited and nervous and... strangely comfortable with it all at once.
  • I've been working a lot and enjoying it. Summer at the Park makes things a bit crazy but it really brings out the city's love for it, and makes me proud to be a part of the changes taking place there.
  • I got a nasty sinus infection and bronchitis at the same time and have been fighting it all of July (it's finally gone after a round of antibiotics.
  • My Mom is coming to visit in less than a week! I could not be more thrilled. I am taking a bit of time off. Hopefully, we can take in some of Folklorama, maybe go to Grand Beach (she's never been outside of Winnipeg, so it may be fun for her to see a bit more of Manitoba). And I want to show her the Park! Last time she saw it, it was December. And freezing.
  • I've been knitting, but slowly. I did two pairs of socks and am still slooooowly going through a shawl I started in May. And a sweater I started last year. Trying not to pick up anything new until I finish some things.
  • I made an active choice not to garden after last year's completely epic, hilarious failure. I spent who knows how much on all sorts of plants, seeds, soil and planters just to have EVERYTHING (even the succulents that I usually do well with) die.
  • I bought a new bundt pan.
Okay, so maybe that last one wasn't even worth sharing but... it's a really nice bundt pan. But this is where I'm at right now. It keeps my days more than full even if it is terribly dull to spell out in detail.

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  1. I love your blog and your needle post helped me decide on(and love)the pair I own. You def seem like the type of person I could be friends with in real life. I'm even have a minor in English. :-)